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Camella Toscana is Located at Puan, Davao City.

The precise location of the Camella Toscana project is in Puan, Davao City. Among the economies that lie in the south of Mindanao region, Davao City tops the charts in terms of development. The residential property developments in this region are among the most popular and highly valued. Living in Camella Toscana gives you the benefit of being close to nature with Mt. Apo, a potentially active stratovolcano within site. In 1936, this mountain was set apart as a national park and to date the flora and fauna around it is one of the most amazing. 

In terms of accessibility, Camella Toscana has an elaborate road network on either side of the development. On the northern end, there is the Davao Bukidnon Road that connects Davao City on one end with Bukidnon on the other. On the southern side is Libby Road, a two way traffic road that joins Davao Cotabato Road along the Pan-Philippine Highway. 

Education facilities abound around Camella Toscana. Schools such as Ateneo de Davao University, UP Mindanao and Philippine Science High School are all within proximity to the development. Any area where education institutions are upcoming is a good place to invest in. This is because with education comes civilization and an uptake in the quality of life. If you are a family man with school going children, the hassle of traveling long distances taking your children to school and back can take a toll on you. For this reason, Camella Toscana gives you a breather with easy to access education facilities. 

Another key development infrastructure is the hospital network in Davao City. Some of the notable health facilities close to Camella Toscana are Davao Doctors’ Hospital and Seventh Day Adventist Hospital. These facilities are well equipped and have dedicated and well-trained staff who are knowledgeable in addressing some of the common health issues including more complicated ones. Health is of greatest concern to everyone whether young or old hence living in an area where you know health facilities are within reach gives you peace of mind and assurance. 

Entertainment, shopping, and other leisure activities form part of quality living. Camella Toscana is surrounded by some of the best shopping malls and entertainment centers giving you an all-round life experience. Establishments such as SM City Davao, Gaisano Mall, C Matt, and NCCC Matina Centrepoint are well known for their great collection of products that suit every age group. If you are a fun of golf, there is the Apo Golf and Country Club that gives you the opportunity to stretch out and tee off with friends and colleagues. 

With those and many more facilities around, Camella Toscana can best be described as a well-defined community that has, but the best in human ingenuity.

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