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Apart from the location which as you have seen is very entertaining and modern, the amenities within Camella Toscana enable you to live fabulously. As a matter of fact, the houses are designed to give you both privacy and the opportunity to bond with the rest of the community. Once again, Camella factored in sustainable social living when designing the facilities and amenities here. 

There is a standardized basketball court for the community members to exercise and do their training. The basketball court was done with the specific standard measurements of a professional court in mind. You can even form teams, practice here and enroll for tournaments depending on the far you want to take your basketball career. 

Children love playgrounds. This is where they run around, get to know friends, and take the opportunity to stretch their limits. The playground here can accommodate the entire community and has a lot of features including slides and bouncing castles to keep the children busy as you catch up with the rest of the family members. 

The swimming pool which has both the deep and the shallow ends can give you a great opportunity to relax and play around with your family. Swimming is a great exercise too and it’s open to everyone despite their age differences. The presence of the swimming pool makes Camella Toscana a serene community that has all the modern facilities anyone would be looking for. 

The jogging trails and the landscaped gardens all give you the inspiration to blend with nature and explore healthy living. The jogging trails are within the community and this guarantees you of safety as you walk or run around. The landscaped gardens are maintained by the developer and the idea is to make Camella Toscana as green as possible through constant planting of trees and pruning overgrown bushes. As part of the landscaping, natural flowering plants have been maintained to give the development a touch of nature closer to the city. 

There is a wide and spacious gate at the entrance which is fully guarded both day and night. This is very important because any community that is this big requires security that is up to the task. Having been in this industry, Camella knows the best security firms to pick from. As part of security measures, there is a lot of checking and scanning at the gate to ensure everyone entering is well documented especially for the visitors. To boost the security, there is a perimeter fence around the entire neighborhood. 

The reliability of power and other utilities such as water and drainage systems make this development an attractive and futuristic one.  Apart from electricity supply from the main grid, this property has solar panels installed and standby generators just in case of power outage. There are several water-harvesting facilities which contribute to the sufficiency of water in this area.

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