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Camella Toscana

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Project Location: Puan, Davao City
Turnover Date: Preselling
Lot Area: 170 SQM
Floor Areas: 64 SQM - 81 SQM
Price Range: Php 2.3 M - Php 3 M


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Camella Toscana By Camella Homes

Davao City happens to be the largest in Philippines in terms of area. It also doubles up as the fastest growing economy within the southern Mindanao region. This combines to make Camella Toscana as one of the most popular and highly valued residential property developments in Davao City. The houses here are Italian themed and are constructed against the backdrop of the scenic Mount Apo. The pristine and immaculate nature of Toscana is undeniably the best that you can get on this side of Philippines.

Owning a property in Davao City is very strategic. The reason being, this city is the center of commerce and industry in the entire of Davao region. This trading hub makes Camella Toscana the finest community development here. From the city to the development is only a few minutes away. The reason why you may be looking for a house or investment in Barangay Puan which is the exact location of this development could be because of a growing family that you want to house or you simply want a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle of Davao City. Whatever it is, you can be guaranteed that Camella Toscana will give you all the luxurious amenities and relaxing atmosphere right at your doorstep. 

Many people who come to sample properties here label this as a perfect bonding atmosphere for the entire family and also a place where they can easily make new friends and who knows may be future business partners. 
Homeownership being one of the greatest capital expenditures, it pays to know the worth of your purchase.

Camella Toscana is a development by Camella, a brand of Vista Land Company. Any development with the Camella footprint tells you of one thing, quality and affordability. This company has specialized in master-planned communities that brings everything you need in one place and closer home. Unlike other real estate developers who just operate in some regions in the Philippines, Camella is everywhere. They are arguably the largest homebuilder within the real estate in Philippines. 

Just for the record, the company behind Camella Toscana is accredited with the development of over 400,000 homes in 104 cities located in 39 provinces across the country. With more than 40 years of hands-on building experience, the company knows what works and what doesn’t. Every development that passes through the hands of Camella including Camella Toscana boasts of tasteful finishing and inspirational themes that can only come from the company’s expertise. 

To cater for the needs of various homeowners and investment entities, Camella decided to come up with two unique, but affordable models which are Carmela and Drina. 

The Carmela Model is a two-story building that features 3 bedrooms, spacious living area, and nicely done dining area. The kitchen is in the same open plan as the dining and there is a toilet and bath on the ground floor. There is a carport where you can park your car and a balcony from where you can enjoy the surrounding breeze and scenery. This house has 64 square meters in floor area and a massive lot area of 170 square meters. In addition to the ground floor toilet and bath, there is another toilet and bath in the first floor. All the bedrooms are located on the first floor and there is a spacious flight of stairs to ease movement to and fro the two floors. The contractual price for this property is 2,395,823 pesos. 

The Drina Model is also a two-story house that has 3 bedrooms, a comfortable living area, and a modern dining space made with quality materials. The kitchen which is right opposite the dining area gives enough space not just for the cooking, but also storage. There is a maid’s room on the ground floor next to the washrooms. Just like the Carmela Model, all the bedrooms are in the second floor and the master bedroom has its own separate toilet and bath. The floor area of Drina house model is 83 square meters while the lot area measures 99 square meters.

There is a provision for both a balcony and carport. The contract price of the Drina Model is slightly than its counterpart at 3,002,924 pesos. 

What is so exciting with these houses is that to buy them, you are given three options. The first option is that you pay a reservation fee and the balance to be paid off monthly within 2 years. The second option is the bank financing route where you pay 15% down payment, a reservation fee, and the rest to be paid within 12 months. You can get as much as 85% bank financing. The last option is in-house financing where you make a down payment, pay the reservation fees, and the balance to be paid within 12 months. That said, prices may change depending on demand and passage of time which means you should take advantage while prices are still at their original amounts.

Davao City is the largest city in the Philippines, area-wise, and it is one of the fastest growing economies in the southern Mindanao region. Just like Davao City, the Camella Toscana Davao pride itself as the most popular and fastest selling residential property development this side of Davao.

An Italian-themed community, set against the scenic Mt. Apo on the background, the Toscana is undeniably immaculate and pristine while indulging the best that nature could offer.

While Davao City remains an important trading hub, commerce and industry center of the Davao Region, the Toscana maintains its status as the finest community development in the same region. The property is located in Brgy. Puan, Davao City, only minutes away from the city proper.

The house and lot package is not only a clever investment, it is also a great sanctuary to a growing family and a brilliant reprieve from the concrete jungle of the city where you can relax and enjoy the luxurious amenities right in front of your doorsteps.

The place is also a perfect bonding for the whole family and the best opportunity to meet new friends and probably future business partners.

Houses have 2 models patterned with the Camella Home Series designs such as the Drina and Carmela. The house units are constructed in 2-Storey Single-Firewall type with sizes ranging from 64 to 81sqm of floor area and minimum lot area of 170sqm, the biggest and most spacious in the industry.

There is uniformed 3 bedrooms provision for each model, with 2-3 T&B, balcony and carport space for each unit; maid's quarter, service area, porch and study area for selected unit. There is also space for living and dining areas and kitchen with sink.

The amenities are some of the best in the industry, such as basketball court, playground, swimming pool, jogging trails, tree-lined avenue, landscaped gardens, wide and spacious entrance gate. This gate is fully-guarded and secured 24/7, with perimeter fence that adds up to the security of the entire neighborhood.

Some of the finest schools are within the area's close proximity such as UP Mindanao, Ateneo de Davao University, Philippine Science High School (right across the Toscana) and the Mindanao Christian College and Seminary.

Hospitals suchs as the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital and Davao Doctors' Hospital are nearby. While shopping, entertainment and other leisure centers are also close by, like Makro Pilipinas, Gaisano Mall, SM City Davao, NCCC Matina Centerpoint, C Mart and the Apo Golf and Country Club.

The Camella Toscana Davao is definitely a well-defined community that defines the best and the finest in human ingenuity!

Camella Homes Camella Toscana in Puan, Davao City, Philippines is a premier House & Lot project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Camella Toscana, then check here first. We have full details of Camella Toscana updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

Camella Toscana - Location & Vicinity

Camella Toscana is Located at Puan, Davao City.

The precise location of the Camella Toscana project is in Puan, Davao City. Among the economies that lie in the south of Mindanao region, Davao City tops the charts in terms of development. The residential property developments in this region are among the most popular and highly valued. Living in Camella Toscana gives you the benefit of being close to nature with Mt. Apo, a potentially active stratovolcano within site. In 1936, this mountain was set apart as a national park and to date the flora and fauna around it is one of the most amazing. 

In terms of accessibility, Camella Toscana has an elaborate road network on either side of the development. On the northern end, there is the Davao Bukidnon Road that connects Davao City on one end with Bukidnon on the other. On the southern side is Libby Road, a two way traffic road that joins Davao Cotabato Road along the Pan-Philippine Highway. 

Education facilities abound around Camella Toscana. Schools such as Ateneo de Davao University, UP Mindanao and Philippine Science High School are all within proximity to the development. Any area where education institutions are upcoming is a good place to invest in. This is because with education comes civilization and an uptake in the quality of life. If you are a family man with school going children, the hassle of traveling long distances taking your children to school and back can take a toll on you. For this reason, Camella Toscana gives you a breather with easy to access education facilities. 

Another key development infrastructure is the hospital network in Davao City. Some of the notable health facilities close to Camella Toscana are Davao Doctors’ Hospital and Seventh Day Adventist Hospital. These facilities are well equipped and have dedicated and well-trained staff who are knowledgeable in addressing some of the common health issues including more complicated ones. Health is of greatest concern to everyone whether young or old hence living in an area where you know health facilities are within reach gives you peace of mind and assurance. 

Entertainment, shopping, and other leisure activities form part of quality living. Camella Toscana is surrounded by some of the best shopping malls and entertainment centers giving you an all-round life experience. Establishments such as SM City Davao, Gaisano Mall, C Matt, and NCCC Matina Centrepoint are well known for their great collection of products that suit every age group. If you are a fun of golf, there is the Apo Golf and Country Club that gives you the opportunity to stretch out and tee off with friends and colleagues. 

With those and many more facilities around, Camella Toscana can best be described as a well-defined community that has, but the best in human ingenuity.

Camella Toscana Location

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Entrance Gate

Entrance Gate

Tree Lined Avenue

Tree Lined Avenue

Camella Toscana - Features & Amenities

Apart from the location which as you have seen is very entertaining and modern, the amenities within Camella Toscana enable you to live fabulously. As a matter of fact, the houses are designed to give you both privacy and the opportunity to bond with the rest of the community. Once again, Camella factored in sustainable social living when designing the facilities and amenities here. 

There is a standardized basketball court for the community members to exercise and do their training. The basketball court was done with the specific standard measurements of a professional court in mind. You can even form teams, practice here and enroll for tournaments depending on the far you want to take your basketball career. 

Children love playgrounds. This is where they run around, get to know friends, and take the opportunity to stretch their limits. The playground here can accommodate the entire community and has a lot of features including slides and bouncing castles to keep the children busy as you catch up with the rest of the family members. 

The swimming pool which has both the deep and the shallow ends can give you a great opportunity to relax and play around with your family. Swimming is a great exercise too and it’s open to everyone despite their age differences. The presence of the swimming pool makes Camella Toscana a serene community that has all the modern facilities anyone would be looking for. 

The jogging trails and the landscaped gardens all give you the inspiration to blend with nature and explore healthy living. The jogging trails are within the community and this guarantees you of safety as you walk or run around. The landscaped gardens are maintained by the developer and the idea is to make Camella Toscana as green as possible through constant planting of trees and pruning overgrown bushes. As part of the landscaping, natural flowering plants have been maintained to give the development a touch of nature closer to the city. 

There is a wide and spacious gate at the entrance which is fully guarded both day and night. This is very important because any community that is this big requires security that is up to the task. Having been in this industry, Camella knows the best security firms to pick from. As part of security measures, there is a lot of checking and scanning at the gate to ensure everyone entering is well documented especially for the visitors. To boost the security, there is a perimeter fence around the entire neighborhood. 

The reliability of power and other utilities such as water and drainage systems make this development an attractive and futuristic one.  Apart from electricity supply from the main grid, this property has solar panels installed and standby generators just in case of power outage. There are several water-harvesting facilities which contribute to the sufficiency of water in this area.

  • Entrance Gate 
  • Garden
  • Tree Lined Avenue

Camella Toscana - Price List

Unit Type Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Carmela ₱ 2,395,823 Floor Area: 65 Sqm / Lot Area: 88 Sqm
Drina ₱ 3,002,924 Floor Area: 83 Sqm / Lot Area: 99 Sqm

Camella Toscana - Payment Option

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1:
No Down, No Interest (2 years to pay)
Option 2:
Bank Financing
15% Downpayment, 85% Bank Financing

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